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A GROOVE was a vibe.

The first time I connected with Leah Hill, creator of Kindred Fest, was at The Block in Midtown. I knew of her, but I had never met her before. That day, I discovered her to be this petite, vibey chick with long, blonde box braids that fell damn-near to her feet (see pic above). She told me how she was planning her next event -- A GROOVE -- and we agreed to do some promo through BlacktiviD.

Fast-forward to last Saturday, the night of the event. To be honest, I didn't really know what to expect. All I knew was that there would be a DJ (Deon Jamar), drinks and dancing. So when I walked into The Garden Theater with my date for the evening (my sister, Erin) I was anxious to see what the setup would be like.

We were greeted by black mood lighting and a friendly hostess who handed us a notecard and pen, asking us to write down whatever worries we wanted to leave behind us at the door. Oh, this is a vibe! I scribbled "unwelcome energy" -- 'cause ain't nobody got time for that -- and Erin wrote "stress." Then we entered the party. To say the least, it was a vibe on a whole 'nother level.

The music was a funkadelic mix of 80s disco and groove classics (including Prince, Earth, Wind & Fire and Teena Marie). There were folks donned head to toe in sequin and other eclectic getups. The star of the night, of course, was Leah, who sported a cute, sequin top with some flared pants, twirling those blonde braids 'round and 'round on the dance floor like her life depended on it (as pictured above). Her vibe was contagious and undeniable. And as the evening progressed, more and more people caught "the groove" and trickled onto the dance floor, leaving their worries behind them at the door.

You can check out more photos and clips from A GROOVE on our IG page.

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