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Affirmations for the Grown Ass Woman Listening Party

Last Friday I attended a private listening party for Toni Jones' (founder of WIFE Comma) new project, Affirmations for the Grown Ass Woman, which released today on iTunes. The event was held at the gorgeous Cochrane House in Detroit. The whole vibe of the place -- from the candles and mood lighting, to the music, people and conversation -- was everything.

But the highlight of the evening was the mastermind behind it all, Ms. Toni Jones, who took us on an inspiring, rhythmical journey of self discovery with her groundbreaking masterpiece -- an entire album of affirmation pieces dedicated to promoting enlightenment and empowerment of the modern-day woman. Jones shared that she became inspired from her own life experiences and after much prayer and meditation, began writing the album.

Affirmations for the Grown Ass Woman

The album consists of nine songs and I'm pretty sure Worth Ethic is my favorite so far. What y'all think?

Download Affirmations for the Grown Ass Woman on iTunes.

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