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Infused Soul Food Dinner Party: A "High" Class Event

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

Infused Soul Food Dinner Party

As I was putting together last week's newsletter, I came across this event called The Infused Soul Food Dinner Party hosted by Cloud Cups, a DC-based, infused food-and-beverage company curating private fine-dining experiences across the country. From the looks of the event description, it seemed pretty legit -- private location, five-course menu, open bar (sold!) -- so I dropped it in the #WavesoftheWeek.

A short while later, one of the organizers DM'd me on the BlacktiviD IG page (follow us if you aren't already) inviting me to the dinner party on Saturday and brunch on Sunday. Cool, why not?! Deciding to make a fun little date night out of it, I bring Bae as my plus-one. A few hours before the event starts, the private location is revealed via email -- the J'Adore Detroit Loft in Eastern Market. Oh this finna be cute cute!

So we get there, not really knowing what to expect (I mean, I knew some of the food was gonna be cannabis-infused, but to what extent? No clue.). As soon as we walk in, we're greeted with two of their "special" mimosas (I got a good clue as to what "special" meant from the light green liquid in the glass).

"Are all of the drinks infused as well?" I ask one of the organizers.

"Yep, the drinks, the food, everything. Pace yourself," she warns jokingly.

Oh sh*t.

I haven't messed with Mary Jane since my college days, so I cautiously take a few sips -- hmm, pretty tasty -- but stick to water for the rest of dinner to be on the safe side.

The starter course is an assortment of corn bread (I'm a terrible journalist because I didn't get all the food names). One has caramelized apples on top. I'm gluten-sensitive, so I taste a tiny piece of Bae's and instantly get mad that I can't eat all of it because: SO GOOD. Then the next course comes: jerk chicken and collard green egg rolls (below left). DAWG. After that, a cup of mango sorbet to cleanse the palate. OMG. Then my main entrée: slow-cooked turkey wing with white rice and thyme and stewed green beans (below right). Bae had fried chicken with mac and cheese and collard greens. Y'all. Y'ALL!

Can I just pause real quick to tell y'all how good this food was?? It was so damn good -- the perfect flavor, perfect temperature, perfect everything -- that for a minute we legit forgot it was infused with cannabis. Then, not even halfway through the main course, it hit us all at once.

While the food was bomb, this meal was NOT for the faint of heart. I spoke with one of the organizers afterwards and suggested adding a non-infused option to the menu. She said they had actually decided to do that for future events, which is great because like I said, the food was bomb on its own.

As for the overall event, the DJ was poppin', the service was amazing and the vibe was on point. My only critique was not having a non-infused option for the folk like me who have a much, much lower tolerance.

So with that said, my final rating is 4.5 / 5 stars. Definitely recommend hitting the next Cloud Cups event that comes to the D. Until next time!

*Yours in Melanin*


The BlacktiviDiva

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